Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Bathroom, Myself

If the way you decorate your home is an expression of your personality, then surely the way you keep your home speaks volumes about you. After all, mama always said "actions speak louder than words" (one day, I will blog about the WWIII caliber fights this phrase caused the Nelson household back in the day). So, when I tell you that I'm an "organized mess" or that "it looks cluttered, but I know where everything is," you should accept it. Because if you were to see my bathroom right now, you would surely think I am a slob.  I swear I'm not. I clean the kitchen on the regular. I organize my books, papers, and other junk religiously. And then there's my bathroom. My deep, dark secret bathroom. It, I'm ashamed to admit, looks like this:

I do have an excuse, though (of course I do). This is it:

Her name is Liza Jane Minnelli Nelson. I know, Jane is not the actual Liza's middle name (it's May, in case you were wondering), but saying "Liza Jane" is just so much more fun, so Liza Jane Minnelli Nelson she is.

The above is obviously Liza May. I just love her and Cabaret, but that's another blog for another day. This is about the bathroom. Basically, it looks like the day after 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina had an awful, hugely devastating love child. It's just....eww. Allow me to attempt to keep you as a friend explain.  Liza is a kitten. Now, she is a very sweet kitten -- very cuddly, will fall asleep in your arms like a baby, purrs incessantly. But, she's a kitten. She wants to be all up in our business all the time. She scratches everything. For a brief moment, she had fleas. All of this adds up to a considerable amount of time in the bathroom for sweet little Liza Jane (see how much fun that was?). So, my bathroom has been destroyed. And sometimes trying to fix it just seems so....pointless. But today, I did pick up all the Q-Tips, the torn up toilet paper, the random pills (Liza opened a child proof pill bottle, I think she has magical powers). I put all the perfume bottles upright, picked up all the towels (which, after I hang up, Liza pulls down to use as a bed), and cleaned the floor.  See:

Maybe cleaning will happen tomorrow. I predict it will happen much later than that.

Tonight, I opted to have fun. See:

It's (the beginnings of) our "House Divided" wreath (type thing) that we're making for game day, which is, thankfully and finally, this Saturday! WAR DAMN EAGLE!

Also, there's this project.

I'm thinking of going back and making crossing on the diagonal with the black ribbon. I haven't really decided yet. I've had my jewelry on that board for months, but just now got around to painting it.

Well, I just blogged about my cat. I now predict that I will die alone.


  1. Love that cat poster thing. I too will die alone, and my cats will likely eat my rotting corpse because I make them eat diet cat food.

  2. You can blame the cat all day long, but we both know that this is basically a replica of your bathroom in high school (minus the minis and empty Bud Light cans of course).

  3. Hillary, this is true. And I will admit that clutter is the constant state of, well, everything in my life. However, 10 years after high school, things usually stay clean, if not totally neat. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!


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