Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Blog Design and I Helped!

So, I've been playing around with my blog's design today. Because, you know, that's super important.  I know very little nothing about fancy template designs, websites, html, java script (?), or anything else remotely related  to computers (in fact, I'm not convinced all of those things I listed actually exist).  I can, however, follow directions. And that's where The Cutest Blog on the Block comes in (here).

This site makes your blog dreams possible with minimal headache. And if anyone was going to get pissed at a website, throw things, and possibly break their laptop in half, it was going to be me. And seeing as how I'm using my laptop to write this, it is still very much intact (you know, like Will and Jada's marriage).

In other news, I am hopelessly obsessed with Pinterest. Seriously. Click on that link and be wowed horrified by how much I use it.  And then follow me and help me feed my delusion.

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