Who Am I?

Tell me a little about yourself.

I dread this question at job interviews.

Quite simply, I am a 27-year-old mother (of a 5-year-old boy), writer (of things only I read), creator (of a lot of junk and a few pretty things). Also, I have an B.A. in English and a J.D.

I am from Montgomery, Alabama, but I am currently living in Newnan, Georgia. My blog does not have a snappy name. This is because I cannot think of one that I don't think sounds ridiculous. Or one that really targets what I'm going after here (maybe that would require knowing what it is I'm "going after.")

Because I love painting, cooking, make-up, clothes, shoes, writing, finding ways to workout that don't make me want to put a gun in my mouth, and reading (among other things), those are the types of things you can expect to find on my blog.  After all, isn't the first rule of writing to write what you know?

What else.....?

I'm a Scorpio. And I love dirty martinis. And I can quote Shakespeare and Dumb and Dumber.

I'm dangerous with a glue gun. (I'm not lying, I'm just stunning with my love glue gunning)

I've never met a cocktail ring I won't wear and can throw one hell of a party. (Just like a chick in the casino)

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