Friday, December 2, 2011

Bottle It Up: A DIY for the DIY Impaired

We have gone little craft-crazy this holiday season. The first thing we created? Silver bottles for the entry way. This project was really easy, but it did take a moment of trial and error.

What You Need:

Epsom Salt (We used Dr. Teal's Cooling Peppermint -- our bottles smell amazing!)
Silver spray paint

Yep, that's all.

Side Note: Glitter is more expensive that I remember it being when I was 9.  This could be because I don't actually know how much it was when I was 9.

Put your newspaper down. Now, we mixed the glitter and the Epsom salt on the newspaper like so:

We sprayed the bottles completely silver and then rolled the bottom of the bottles in the glitter and salt mixture. This is what happened:

I don't know if you can tell (or maybe that's the wrong picture), but we didn't think things through. Our patio is concrete (or "concreek" according to B). Rolling a spray painted glass bottle over the concrete only scratches the paint off the bottle.  So what could have been a one-person project quickly devolved into a two-person laugh riot.

Basically, one person sprayed the bottle and the tilted it back (so as not the scratch the paint) and rotated it. Meanwhile, the other person threw the salt and glitter mixture gingerly upon the bottle as it was being rotated. Hilarity ensured when the person spray painting (me) paid no attention the the direction the spray nozzle was pointing and continually painted everything save the bottle.

But, we were ultimately successful. See:

The picture doesn't really do them justice. All in all, the project took about 20 minutes (half of which was us realizing concrete is not the ideal surface upon which to craft, followed by a good 2 minutes of laughing).


  1. Which brand and color of spray paint did you use? I'm looking for this color.

  2. You could use a sheet of Styrofoam, put a stick in the bottle to hold it upside down, then stick in styro sheet to dry the bottle afterwards. Spray paint will melt the Styrofoam.

  3. Love your glitter bottles - and the hilarious description of how it went. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Don't want to appear thick! But what was the reason for using Epsom Salt please?

    1. I was wondering the same...I'm thinking for a "snowy" effect?

  5. just stunning! did you also spray the inside of the bottle? if not, can you use it as a drink bottle to give as a gift?

  6. can you put a drink in the bottle and refrigerate it?

  7. Gostaria da traduçao para portugues.

  8. Gostaria da traduçao para portugues.

  9. Gostaria da traduçao para portugues.

  10. Do you spray some kind of finish on the epsom salts to hold them on better?


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